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MORE Animated Comic Covers!

Woofleberries Roboteers! Here is another set of brilliant animated comic covers by the multi-talented Kerry Callen! Please enjoy!

Here’s are quotes from Kerry about these covers:

About the Animated Kirby Machinery:

really fun to animate some Kirby Tech! A lot of my blog work is sincere adoration to classic comics, and this is one of them. I started with a cropped splash page from Fantastic Four #64. I thought about removing the dialog, but it’s so classic Stan Lee/Jack Kirby, it had to stay.

About Fantastic Four #51, art by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott:

I’ve animated comic book covers in the past, but I recently realized I’ve never done a Kirby cover! That seems wrong. So, today is the day I remedy that.

About Daredevil #7, by Paolo Rivera:

See my other animated covers here. This time, I had the urge to work on a modern comic cover, so I picked the beautiful Daredevil #7,by Paolo Rivera…

About Nick Fury, Agent of Shield #4, from 1968:

First up, Nick Fury, Agent of Shield #4, from 1968. Original cover by groovy Jim Steranko. It feels like it should be accompanied by music…

About Lois Lane #29, from 1961:

Next, what’s more fun than an old Lois Lane cover? Animating an old Lois Lane cover! Here’s Lois Lane #29, from 1961. Original cover by Curt Swan/Stan Kaye. (And no, I didn’t change any content in the situation.)

(And don’t ask me what the situation is. I’ve never read the book!)

About Batman #15, from 1943. Original cover by Jack Burnley:

Finally, I give you Batman #15, from 1943. Original cover by Jack Burnley…

Check out Kerry’s blog here!


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